About Us


A mom, a reproductive psychiatrist and a volunteer with Postpartum Health Alliance came together to create TheBlueDotProject.  Receiving a generous grant from the Mason Hirst Foundation, the Project intends to change the face of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety by taking away the stigma and raising awareness.

Very often, when a mom is suffering from these symptoms, it can be very isolating.  Reaching out for support or talking to others isn’t always easy while feeling this way.  Yet, life goes on; there are errands to run and children to drop off and pick up.  The hope is that these BlueDots on your car’s bumper will give them hope that they will get better.   Commute by subway?  Put it on your laptop.  Spread the word:  we are everywhere.  Let her know she’s not alone.

Where will your money go?  A small portion of it goes toward printing costs, the remainder will support community-based projects that target awareness, education and treatment of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety (PMADs).

Check back soon for information about our next round of grants!


Winner of Postpartum Support International’s Universal Symbol Contest!