Meet the Founders


Peggy O’Neil Nosti

Peggy O’Neil Nosti was moved to create TheBlueDotProject after recovering from postpartum anxiety. She found that by being open about what she was going through, many people would share similar experiences with postpartum depression and anxiety. They had either gone through it themselves or knew someone who had. This helped tremendously in the healing process: knowing she was not alone. What was missing was some way to spread this message…thus TheBlueDotProject was born. Peggy is an educator and arts advocate, and has three young children and a very patient husband.



Jessica HeldmanJessica Heldman

Jessica Heldman suffered from Postpartum Depression and Anxiety after the birth of her twin boys in 2006.  Since that time, she has been active in raising awareness of these disorders through her work with the Postpartum Health Alliance (PHA).  Jessica has served as a volunteer on PHA’s Warmline, as Volunteer Coordinator, Program Director, and Board President.  Through PHA, Jessica shares the story of her struggle – the days of hopelessness, of feeling overwhelmed by failure and inadequacy, of the loss of self – and her recovery.  It is this recovery that she believes is possible for every woman that experiences the pain of these disorders.  Through increased awareness, the elimination of the stigma around maternal mental illness, and the development of supportive services and communities, Jessica hopes that more families can have a happy beginning.