NCMMH National Day of Action!

February 11th, 2016 by TheBlueDotProject

Federal Legislation Can Make the Difference
NCMMH is thrilled to launch the first ever National Day of Action in support the federal “Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act of 2015” bills (HR 3235 and S 2311).

We Need You!
You can make the difference, by picking up the phone or using social media to message your Congress members to request their Co-sponsorship of these bills.

Take Action!
Go to your members’ webpage and find his or her telephone number or get their social media page information and Tweet or Post on your Twitter page using your member’s Twitter handle, or post to your member’s Facebook page.

For the HOUSE: #LoveAnotherMother: @Rep’sTwitterHandleHere Support Mom’s and families! Cosponsor HR3235! Bring #PPD Out of the Shadows b/c #MomsMatter

For the SENATE: #LoveAnotherMother: @Rep’sTwitterHandleHere Support Mom’s and families! Cosponsor S2311! Bring #PPD Out of the Shadows b/c #MomsMatter

Spread the Word!
Tap into your amazing “boots on the ground” followers and grassroots advocates, encouraging them to participate in this National Day of Action too!