The Purpose of the TheBlueDotProject is to:

  • Raise awareness of maternal mental health disorders,
  • Proliferate the blue dot as the symbol of solidarity and support, 
  • Combat stigma and shame 

Creation of the Symbol

TheBlueDot was created by Peggy O’Neil Nosti, a mom who suffered from postpartum anxiety with her third child who wanted to find a way to let other moms know they were not alone. Peggy created a subtle image of a blue dot and a silver lining to illustrate hope. 

Symbol Adopted by The Cause

The symbol was selected by the former National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health after one of its member organizations, Postpartum Support International hosted a contest to seek symbol ideas. The symbol is now being used in multiple ways to promote awareness and solidarity.  

The Dot finds a New Home and Color

In 2017 the rights to TheBlueDot were signed over to 2020 Mom to further promote the symbol through Maternal Mental Health Awareness week and strategic partnerships. In 2017, the color of the dot also was changed from baby blue to robin's egg blue to signify reproductive mental health.  

Anyone Can Use The Symbol

The blue dot circle may be used by anyone to promote awareness of these disorders.