Meet Jen Schwartz

Jen is the medicated mommy who picked up the debris left by postpartum depression and anxiety and created MOTHERHOOD UNDERSTOOD, a platform for the 1 in 7 moms affected by maternal mental health issues and the community she couldn’t find while struggling in a dark closet all by herself after the birth of her son. Jen gives permission slips to women who aren’t exactly enamored with their new role as mommy, so they can allow themselves to be the most real and honest versions of themselves. She helps them empathize, share, and connect with others who speak their language—moms who understand that new mommy life isn’t always the way it looks on Instagram. Jen is committed to shining the light on the darkest of places, where maternal mental health taboos have been hiding out, trying to make us believe that we are not enough and all alone. Jen is a writer, speaker, and influencer whose work and commentary has been featured all over the mommy blogosphere and on popular websites like Forbes, The Mighty, Healthline, Pop Sugar Moms, Scary Mommy, CafeMom and more. Though she will always consider herself a New Yorker, Jen now lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Jason, tiny human Mason, and fur baby Harry Potter. For more, visit MOTHERHOOD UNDERSTOOD and connect with her on Instagram.