we’re breaking the myths of motherhood this may

In 2018, TheBlueDotProject hosted a week-long social media campaign Monday, April 30 through Friday, May 4th, which included World MMH Day on May 2nd. The theme was:

#RealMotherhood #NoShame. 
Getting real about motherhood is healthy for everyone.

  • For Moms: A #RealMotherhood 5-Day Challenge

    • We asked you to get real about motherhood by sharing photos and posts that show the real face of motherhood. Images could be light-hearted or serious. They could be of meds you had to get on, dirty dishes overflowing out of your sink, going to work with baby vomit on your shirt, or your beautiful, glowing, stretch mark skin.

5 day c for tool kit (1).jpg
  • For Organizations: Daily social media messages and images

    • Images and posts addressed popular myths of motherhood and how they hurt women suffering from an MMH disorder and keep all moms judging themselves by unrealistic standards.

Examples of posts from previous MMH Week Campaigns:

mmh past.jpg