What is the Maternal Mental Health Social Media Awareness Week Campaign?

The campaign was launched in 2014 to reach mothers, families and the general public to raise awareness about maternal mental health disorders, like postpartum depression, which impact up to one in five women in the U.S.

Each year the theme changes, however the blue dot, the international symbol for MMH, is shared on memes used during the campaign to bring continuity to the images and raise awareness of the symbol.

The aim is to combat stigma and shame through mass social media reach, with you, our larger community.

This year, YOU helped us Makeover Motherhood in a BIG Way:

Making Over Motherhood 2019 - Twitter Impressions: 6.5 MILLION - Facebook reach: 3.2 million - instagram impressions: 8.3 million - 100% of participants said they would participate next year - Total: campaign was seen by 18 million people…almost doubled from 2018!

Mothers all over the world participated in the #MakingOverMotherhood Challenge and shared photos of what motherhood really looks like. We saw the parts of motherhood that are normally hidden behind closed doors: the intimate moments, the struggles, the messes and the tantrums!


During MMH Week, we got to know Britt, Keyla and Laura – three REAL mothers. Through illustrations, we learned what they were REALLY thinking during their journey into motherhood.

We were honored to partner with Karen Kleiman and The Postpartum Stress Center to develop these campaign illustrations. These images were inspired by Karen’s #SPEAKTHESECRET campaign and her latest book, Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts (Familius, 2019). Karen is a renowned maternal mental health expert and author. She is also the founder of The Postpartum Stress Center. Learn more about Molly McIntyre's illustrations at


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How It Works:

During MMH Awareness Week, The BlueDot Project team posts daily memes and messages that followers can like, share and discuss.


  • Signed up to participate in the 5-day #MakingOverMotherhood Challenge, by posting personal stories and photos, which can be light-hearted or serious. Moms used #MMHWeek2019 and #MakingOverMotherhood when posting.

  • Moms received email reminders in late April.

Organizations, Employers, Business or Individual Influencers

  • Signed up as Promotional Partners to bring these challenges and the campaign messages to their followers.

  • Publicly acknowledged and recognized that mothers need support in order to thrive, by sharing on social media what new commitment they’re making to mothers in 2019.

  • A Promotional Partners social media toolkit was available.

National Partners & Influencer Promotional Benefit:

NATIONAL MATERNAL CHILD HEALTH FOCUSED GROUPS and INFLUENCERS with more than 5K followers are eligible to submit their logo to be featured on this campaign webpage with a link back to their home page. Instructions were provided to those who signed up.

Promotional Partners: