What is the Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week Campaign?

The annual maternal mental health awareness social media campaign was launched in 2015 to reach mothers, families and the general public with messages acknowledging how difficult motherhood can be. This includes addressing the fact that maternal mental health disorders like postpartum depression impact up to one in five women, and that therapy and other forms of treatment can help. TheBlueDot, the international symbol for MMH is shared on memes used during the campaign. Our aim is to combat stigma and shame, and to empower mothers and families to advocate for support and care when needed.

How It Works:

  • During MMH Awareness Week, TheBlueDotProject team posts daily memes and messages that followers can like, share and discuss.

  • Moms sign up to participate in the MMH Awareness Week #RealMotherhood Challenge by posting personal #RealMotherhood stories/photos. Moms will receive email reminders in late April.

  • Organizations sign up to participate in the #WeSupportMoms Challenge by announcing their new commitment(s) to support moms. Organizations will receive email reminders in late April.

  • Influencers sign up as Promotional Partners to bring these challenges and the campaign messages to their followers. Promotional Partners will receive email reminders about their role beginning in late March and throughout April.


The social media campaign had a reach of almost 10 million people last year and has grown each year. This campaign allows us to reach patients, families, and the general public with stigma-fighting messages.


For Moms:

Join us for the Second Annual #RealMotherhood 5-Day Challenge

Images and posts of photos using filters, posts with smiling children and perfectly clean houses impose on our mental health and keep all moms judging themselves by unrealistic standards.

  • Last year we asked, and you delivered, on getting real about motherhood on social media by sharing photos and posts that show the real face of motherhood. We invite you to take the 5-day #RealMotherhood Challenge again this year by posting your #RealMotherhood images, which can be light-hearted or serious.

  • Here are some photo ideas: Your sink overflowing with dirty dishes, the funny things in your purse or diaper bag, your wardrobe malfunctions, your tiger tracked stretch marked skin, or even a page of a journal detailing struggles during the postpartum period.

5 day c for tool kit (1).jpg

For Organizations:

Join us for the First Annual #WeSupportMoms Challenge.

We encourage employers, business and others to publicly acknowledge and recognize that mothers need support in order to thrive, and publicly sharing on social media what new commitment your organization is making to mothers in 2019.

Note: this Challenge must be something unique, not a normal part of your business model. For example, a skin care company cannot say "#WeSupportMoms by creating luxurious skin care products," and therapists for example, wouldn't say "#WeSupportMoms by providing women with therapy services on a sliding scale."
#WeSupportMom statements might instead read like: "#In 2019 WeSupportMoms by instituting a flexible work week option. Read more here." or "#WeSupportMoms in 2019 by providing new parent support groups with childcare every Wednesday night at xxx. Read more here."

Influencer Promotional Partner:

Join us as a Promotional Partner.

If you are an individual or organization influencer (with a social media following of 10,000 or more) sign up to become a promotional partner.

Influencer Promotional Partner Responsibilities Include:

  • Sharing the challenge opportunities with moms and organizations in your network at least 3 times prior to MMH week using the #RealMotherhood and #WeSupportMoms has tags as appropriate, and tagging @TheBlueDotProject

  • Sharing at least two posts by TheBlueDotProject on at least one social media channel, during MMH week

  • If you are an individual influencer, take part in the #RealMotherhood Challenge

  • If you are an organizational influencer, it's not required, but strongly encouraged that you participate in the #WeSupportMoms Challenge

Influencer Promotional Partner Benefits:

We will add your logo to the campaign webpage linking back to your home page.
Several active partners will also be noted during MMH week.

Influencer Promotional Partners: